Friday, January 9, 2009

New Year Treats!

Well hope that the new year is better than last one. Life has become so volatile that you never know whats in store the next moment. The latest scandal that has rocked is Satyam...values cannot be compromised with and thats what the downfall is all about. Just can't relate to the mind state of all the employees who joined with big hopes and dreams. Its gonna go down as one of the biggest frauds of India Inc. Do the other big players profit from this fiasco? Well there can be two things either they get the deals or the clients shift back jobs back onshore. The whole world is watching the unfolding events.
The Israel attack on Gaza strip claims to be a retaliation of the long drawn terrorist menance...Hope it ends soon...

Two major issues that hit us in the starting year..hope peace prevails...

Smiles, Tia

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