Monday, April 27, 2009

Experiencing a luncheon with an accident...:)

There is an email in my mailbox. I open the invite to see the lunch meeting with our CEO.
Yipee excited I am...I run around the place smiling gloriously announcing my lunch date..:)
I wake up the next morning all excited to get to work at the earliest. I call up auto cabbie to ensure that I get there on time.
We are going in the ric with me gleefully happy. We are crossing the road.
Thud...lorry comes on crashing on the ric. I m stunned for a second. I realise that I am alive when people pull me out. I have no words to say just that I stood shivering for few minutes.
Then I realised that the driver and me were safe. I had to get going for my meeting.
I talk to the cabbie and then run across the road to get another ric. I sit in the ric and run towards mission luncheon..:)
I run across the campus to get to the building. I step in to see that hez gonna be late. I see
new faces around and wondering if I will get to see someone familiar. I meet this girl and we
start talking abt this new project. We then head off to start lunch as our CEO wll be late. We
go and sit on a table that is right in the middle. Both of us are amateurs in this project and wondering if anyone will ever join our table.

We sit and wait anxiously to see if anyone joins us. There is a group of 3 young men who join us at the table. All are quiet. I took the first step and started the converstation with all. All of us started talking about the project. The BIG BOSS steps in to the room. All are looking at him wondering which would be the lucky table. I tell my colleauge that you need not worry as he is going to join us.

He picks up the plate and walks towards our table. I cant hold my excitement but I need to behave like this matured middle manager. He joins our table and we all exchange smiles.
He starts talking and all of us are engrossed in the discussion. I make my point before him on
politics. We discuss abt the upcoming elections and the gaps that need to bridged for a better tomorrow. I could see red faces all around me :). All were eyeing us. Another senior manager came and interuppted him. She told him to speak a few words as all others were also waiting.
We then finished our lunch and sat to watch him address the crowd.
I was feeling damn lucky and on top of the world. :) need to wish and believe for what you want to get in life...

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