Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fiery Garlic Bread and Broken Bones !

I felt like having a piece of garlic bread. I walked about 3 miles to the store and got them. I was gleeful at the fact that I am gonna have it as soon as I get back home. I walked back to office and finished few pending tasks bracing myself to get to home. With great pride, I picked up the shopping bags and went to the car. I chit chatted with the girl who comes to pick us up. There's no common point of discussion apart from weather and cars.:) We talked all the way till home. I bid quick good byes and raced to my room.

I took a quick shower and got ready to enjoy the yum bread. I kept the bread in the microwave. I followed the pack's instructions to the teeth. I set time for 5 mins. I got busy checking my emails. Phew ! Within two mins, the room was full of smoke. While I love the systems out here, this is something that is scary as within split seconds you would get the fire engines at your door. The alarms went on. I immediately called up the reception informing the incident. I was just hoping that the whole hotel's alarm wouldn't go off. Thankfully the guy came up fast and unlocked the windows. By that time, I was all smoky in anguish. :)

Well I decided not to touch the oven again. I decided to cook some stuff on the stove instead. I cut up the veggies and put oil in the pan. I wanted to saute the veggies. Darn ! The oil just spilled over my hand..:( I put some ice to the rescue and decided to retire for the night.

I went to get the clothes from the store room and slipped there to hurt my knee again. It looked like a spateful of events hitting me from nowhere. All hurt n bruised, I finally retired for the night with a hope that the roof doesnt fall off on me while sleeping..:)))

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