Saturday, September 26, 2009

Interview Bytes

Its been a long time since I have ventured out on a recruitment drive. Thanks to the recession, our hiring has been null since past year.
After a gap of almost 1 year, I had been out for interviewing today. Its always good to meet people from different walks of life with various aspirations. There are moments of truth and fun in these interactions. Quite funnily, we generally have stereotyped the profiles that we should be hiring for the jobs. Lets meet themore familiar characters from :

The Cheerful Rookie : You will find a smile along with all the answers.Ready to take up anything that is offered with tonns of happiness. The smile will win the hearts of many a interviewers..:)

Creepers : The looks will clearly state that I want to be sitting in your seat. Very confident yet arrogant. Likes to believe that he can conquer the world at his pace. Growth at an express pace is what he demands.

Shy Me: Shy Me is the one who will be blushing at anything that you throw across as questions. Generally very sweet and shy characters who have not ventured out a lot in the corporate market.

Smarty: Smarties are generally who know what is the answer that we are looking for and can win over most of the interviewers. Sharp and Intelligent.

Know it All : Well, you don't have to pose the questions rather be ready for a long verbose conversation that will just linger on and on. Generally, they hit the bull's eye most of the times.

Beauties/Hunks without brains: They look great and are well dressed. Looking at them, you would be dying to hire them ( my colleague is extremely overjoyed when we have to interview pretty lassies :P). You just need to start talking to them to get to evaluate their competency.( No gender biases :))

Will be continued...need to get into a client call..:)

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