Monday, October 12, 2009

Wake Up Tia..:)

Had been out to watch a youngie movie..:) atleast thats what I had thought initially. It was a nice movie compared to the ones that came along recently. There were some glimpses of myself that I could relate to in the movie. :) Today's independent woman...its definitely fun setting up your own pad, your independence, your decisions, your joys and your sorrows...I guess its just you and you in your world. Well do I enjoy it...yeah at times I do but there are times when I miss sharing a coffee with a special someone, chatting til wee hours of nite on crazy topics, going for a drive at midnite, cooking a midnite meal for smeone, fighting and pataoing after the fights, being missed by smeone....knowing that there is someone that believes in you...hmmm well a long list i guess..:p
In the humdrum of life, time just flies away waiting for that special person who mite be around but you have missed noticing....:) atleast thats wat was shown in d movie...
Hmmm I guess...I got to wake up now...lols.

Cheers to nari azaadi...:)

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