Thursday, November 26, 2009

Lonely Thoughts!

She looked at the horizon,pondering if ever bygones can be bygones,
a life that was so full of laughter,is full of hushed miffs and tears,

a love that was the hustle bustle of life,has become memories lost in the lanes of darkness,
a friend who promised to walk with you in the journey of life,has left you withering in pain,

a hand that held you while crossing the hurdles of life,has left you on your own to jump the lines,
a shoulder that you used to rest on during moments of truth,has been replaced with the lonely walls of your home,

a smile which lit up your mornings,
has left you with smiles which shines with tears of despair,

a world that was woven around happiness,has become a shattered castle of never ending grief,
a faith that led you to tread the path of life,has become a fate full of thorns,

a life that was meaningful,has become a cross to bear......

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