Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mindless Chatter...

After a long time, I have come down to my native place for one of my childhood friends marriage. I met my school buddies after eons of time. It just seems like yesterday.
Though not much has changed here but you see the traces of modernization touching the town.

The first day went in chatting away to glory about the days that had passed by, our old so called
crushes, pranks, fun and the innocence thats missing in today's world. I was always the quiet one in the group. Though I have turned a new leaf over the years, surprisingly I was very quiet. I was wondering what was it that made me go quiet ignorant of the fact that I talk pretty much these days. I was the shy one in the group who was very conscious about everything starting from how i looked, talked ...etc. I was a late bloomer in terms of communication. I suddenly found myself back to square 1 after a long time. There were many things playing over my mind.
I wanted to shout out and tell that I'm not the shy Jane that they had known. I was just blank.
I am very happy for my fren who has met her soulmate after a long wait. I wish her the best of things in lives. I wanted to tell them that I really loved them and was always there for them. I want them to get all the happiness in the world. :)

In admist of all the fun & frolic, I was lost thinking about why did God have different plans for me. I had a lot of questions for HIM. I hope I get the answers. I ran into some uncomfortable
questions. Though we boast that we are racing towards a progressive society, there are still
gaps that might or might not be bridged.

I faced it with a smile...:) I gathered more courage to face up to the world and standing for myself...
Someday, I'm gonna come back more stronger and bigger for this place..................

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