Monday, April 19, 2010

IPL - Indian Political League

The IPL mania has gripped India including me. I being a totally non-cricket conformist following the game is pretty surprising. Its got the entire nation glued to the idiot box. Its got our fairer sex move from the tear jerking dramas to the cricket. Well the whole thing started off from being a league championship to money pumping business.

The IPL impact is totally visible on me as an individual as well. Well I watch the series with a vengeance to ensure that the city which hurt me doesn't get to win. Aint I becoming too political about the whole series. Well yeah, but I don't mind it as long as my personal ego is being satisfied by the losing city. The game has made me realize that I actually have been christened as a true Bangalorean. 

The game has also got our honorable politicians into the foray of cricket. The last thing that we expected was the money laundering come out rattling in the open. The skeletons of few maybe have been exposed. But I'm sure that there is more to the eye. The whole parliament is busy focusing on the IPL rather than solving the hard pressing issues in the country. The houses get adjourned over the minister who was mentoring the newly born team. There are strong people standing up against each other vowing to wash the dirty linen in the public. The amount of attention and money that goes into the IPL if used for a better cause would have definitely taken the country a step forward from the clutches of poverty for the downtrodden.

The question is that will this happen in any other country...???

It happens only in India...:)

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