Monday, April 12, 2010


"Unknown"....many a times we get calls from this number....the reaction is obviously not happy at the first ring...we as humans tend to think a lot before acting on it. We potray different reactions depending on the caller..happy @ times...scared...fearful...angry...sad. 

The question is whether the reactions are stemming from the unknown number that is flashing or is it the person on the other line who is generating these reactions. The outcomes are varied..while its the fear of the unknown that stirs us up and many a times its the unknown person who adds on more spice to the whole process. 

Is there a prescription to cure this fear? I suppose there are answers to this. Many a times, the cure can from a spiritual place. I read somewhere that everything that happens is for a reason..the future to come will also have a reason. Well does it satisfy me? Not much it holds water in the mindless unknown thoughts running through my mind. The unknown future...or a known future..Should i be worrying for a future that is unknown..or just take each day as it comes. Taking each day as it what a majority of junta do...and i guess thats th way to go coz we dont screw up our today thinking about whats in store tomorrow. 

I know that the various things running in my mind do not have an explanation...who am I truly...where am i heading I doing what am supposed i right/wrong...why do i sound like a bunch of muffled nerves..why am i i a normal being or just someone who is not from this universe...:)

Questions n questions......

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