Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The journey from hope to faith....

After eons of time, I was sitting all by myself trying to contemplate on the journey so far in life. I was watching the idiot box but then there was this one dialogue that struck me, " we never give up hope".  So true, hope is embedded in the DNA :) Hope translates into different things for various people. Hope for a better tomorrow, health, wealth , success against failures , life, death , healing..well the list can go on. Sometimes hope against hope is used as an understatement. The power of hope vs hope is immense. I'm sure there are tonnes of miracles which hope has woven in the lives of many a people. 

The story of my journey from hope to faith has been exciting. Hope came into my life through a tiny channel of  spiritual experience which I would have conveniently ignored had I not been in the shallows of life. There was a voice that rang in my head which said " Dear Child, Move on....Life is more than this...I'm there with you". 

The flame of hope flickered in my life that day. My world had come crashing down with a broken relationship. I held myself responsible for what happened ignoring the fact that everything happens for a reason. I did not 
leave any stone unturned to wallow in self pity. I was the poor little gurl dumped by the rich guy. That day 
I stopped by to take a minute and reflect on the past. The past was not all of misery but a mixed bag of
amazing days and the not so good days. I awoke from the slumber of sadness and self pity. The divine voice 
woke me up. I decided that I would not get into a self destructive mode. 

HE was there with me. Hope took a concrete form that day. I hoped for a better tomorrow. I started focusing on things that were important. I used to drown myself in work. Set myself hard targets which I wanted to achieve. There were days when hope took a backseat but those were the days when Faith started treading into my life softly. Thanks to all the Almighty and the angels in form of strangers in my life who helped me in my transition from being hopeful to someone whose Faith would change the impossible to I'm Possible.

 Faith along with Hope has helped me achieve the targets that I set for myself. While some were tangible targets, the most impactful were the intangible targets which I achieved. The whole journey which continues has changed me as a person as well. From the very dependent gal who could not cross the roads to an independent woman who has to cross roads every other day to ensure that she meets her goals. It also invoked the true sense of forgiveness in me. It taught me one of the greatest lessons in life which I will hold on till my last breath...Forgive and Accept Things as they are...Be Happy that the worse has not happened...True

While the heart tries to bog me down once a while to cry over spilled milk but  I walk down to the path with unfettering Faith to embrace new situations and relationships. The faith that there are good things in store for me and that I have the best possible partner that I could ever dream of. A faith that few months down the line, I will be walking down the altar and all the dreams of the memorable wedding will be come true...Amen

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