Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Time and Pain....

Ironical as it does sound....time and pain can be a lethal combination...:) 

Time never comes back again yet the pain keeps coming back to haunt you. A bagful of sweet and bitter memories becomes a part of your existence. We lock it and throw the keys off into the sea vowing never to open the chest of treasured memories. But Time brings you back to the shores of the sea where you try searching for the keys to the memories. 

The boats which brought you back from the deep storms of sea are pained to see you go back into the ruffled waters.The boats know that the keys are lost yet there is small dream deep down to unearth answers for the thousands of questions that linger in your mind. 

Time and again, there is a pain that brings back the clocking memories of a time that passed by..........

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