Saturday, January 29, 2011

Has Humanity lost its essence ?

It was a normal working day for me when I read a passing news that a person has been burnt alive as he was fighting against corruption. This happened in broad daylight. I was stuck to my seat. He was a stranger to me but my heart wrenched in pain. I am scared at the thought of bringing another life to a world that has been consumed by the demons of hatred, rage and selfishness.

People who are supposed to be the most beautiful creations of God are on the road to extinction. Is it so difficult not! to be devious and try to lead a simple life? The want of more is eating up our minds and leading us to commit things that are anything but human. A common scene these days is that a few auto rickshaw drivers in their urge to earn a few fast bucks tamper with the meter. The milkman adds water to try and sell more milk. The grocery guys add stuff to the lentils and rice in order to earn an extra penny. The hospitals try their best to make their money even when a person is not alive.

My brother posted on his Facebook wall the plight of a young deceased child’s parents who were trying to arrange money so that they could take the body of their beloved as the hospital, one of the best kind, was not releasing it. While I understand money is required to keep it in good shape, but will a few thousand rupees at this hour matter more to them than the parents who might have lost their walking stick in their old age. Who will take responsibility of them when they need help. Are the people in the hospital devoid of emotions or are they programmed robots?. Its reflects the bloody sad state of affairs in our world. Is there any corner left in the world that is unaffected by these unsavoury examples of inhuman behaviour?

These are some of the few events that I am aware of, ! but am sure there are many untold stories of despair and pain. Humanity is well defined here -  "The three strengths associated with humanity are love, kindness, and social intelligence." Love has been transformed into hatred. Kindness is replaced by cruelty. Social Demons have taken over social intelligence.

Have we become slaves of the devil in us ? Will humanity be ever reborn or will it take another age for it to come back in its beautiful colors ? A question for ourselves to answer.

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