Monday, January 24, 2011


Thousands of emotions crossing over the mind. Its been ages since I penned down something. Was life so busy that I could not spare a line...I guess as usual, I wait till I fetch my inspiration to hit me and push me to write. 

Life has been very kind so far. I watched a pretty interesting movie which made me reflect on the strangers in life and our relationships with them. Its pretty common for us to meet people who were complete strangers and yet 
left an impressionable impact on our lives. 

I had my share of some memorable encounters. A call from the unknown stranger who professed his unconditional love and never called back again knowing that I was happy where I belonged. I never got to know who was the person. But I'm sure the person doesn't have an idea that the call is etched forever in memories. There was a stranger turned friend who was there during all the lonely days to dry up the never ending tears. Life moves on and the friend has moved on for good. But I guess the memories of this stranger will always linger on. 

The people who lost their lives in the road rampage near my place. I did not know them but the thought and sight hit me for life. An uncouth bus driver who did not even realize that there were people standing before ramping them over. They were innocent lives lost and their absence will always haunt their loved ones.

The rare sight of the smiling traffic police in the middle of the night showing respect and trust in letting me 
pass by the police stop without checking for the level of alcohol in me. Guess there are lot of strangers
in life who are there in life either by design or co-incidence and each interaction leaves us with some 
pleasant and some not so great memories. 

Strangers for Life...I guess :) 

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