Monday, January 24, 2011

The Sun Shines On

To stand up for herself or not was the question lingering over her mind. It was a sunny afternoon when Tisha 
stormed out in anger out of the house not knowing what lies ahead. It was a happy marriage until Ketan wandered off in a territory that was beyond Tisha. She was solely dependent on Ketan for everything and anything. She had left her own identity in her entire journey. Her whole world loomed around him. 

The clock has stopped her world. Her parents were in a far off land not knowing what was brewing in their daughter's life. She did not have an inkling of whose door to knock and where to find a shelter. 
She was devastated that the man she thought would hold her hand till the end would leave her for the greener 
pastures. Her faith in love and marriage was shaken to the hilt. She knew that life was never a bed of roses but to find thorns all along her way was breaking her from within. 

She stood her ground knowing that it was over. Her heart and eyes used to well up just at the thought of the love that was lost for life. She was battling the worst all by herself.  But as they say life has its own angels who stop by and help you cross over the bridges of despair. 

Her angels started appearing and giving her signs that life is beyond us. Her first encounter was with Angel of Strength. She was sleeping one night and suddenly she felt a warm tug. Her eyes half sleepy saw her mother 
whom she had lost last year. She got off the bed thinking that it was a dream. She saw her mom saying 
"Always think of what you have and not what you don't have. You are my strong little girl. Go up and fight life". The thought stuck to her head. She raced back and forth in her mind thinking that it is so damn right. 
She murmured to herself saying " Tisha, you are alive and are capable of taking care of yourself. Think of the people who are not as educated or lucky as you".  It was a moment of truth for Tisha. She was already feeling better. 

Her next leap of faith was when the Angel of Smile touched her in a very subtle way. Tisha as a girl was always bubbly and chirpy. In the race of time, the smiles were left behind. She was walking one day to the 
grocery store near her hostel. She was buying some necessities when a small little girl standing nearby looked at her and gave an angelic smile. The smile stuck upon Tisha. She smiled back with all her heart after a very long time. Innocence emerges from the heart and spreads the radiance of smiles and laughters. Tisha has never stopped smiling ever since then.

Her final stop was with the Angel of Faith. It was at a holy place which was suggested by one of her friends. Her friend had told her that it was a place which was very peaceful. She was very apprehensive and yet decided to give it a try. Her overall faith in the Almighty was on a shaky ground. She walked into the place and decided to sit in a silent corner. It was indeed peaceful. A sudden calmness overpowered her and something told her that "Everything will be fine. Have faith my child." 

Since then the power of faith has held her tight. The Sun shines on for her till this day.

Do we take time to see and accept the signs of hope and happiness that life gives us with....

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Smiles !!


subtlescribbler said...

wow! what a touching narration. truly the angles surround us..v just need to hear the deep but faint voice and confidently move ahead. things happen each day and when u take action it becomes a miracle. good luck :)


subtlescribbler said...


Smruti said...

very nice...I'm glad 'Tisha' believed in the angels and I hope that she continues to believe in them'

Katrina Kaif said...

This was Fantastic. I loved reading this.

Jignesh said...

Great Post.
can i subscribe this.

quotes on life said...

I want to see some Love Messages and stories in ur blog.

Lilangel said...

@subtlescribbler...Thanks :)

@Smruti..thanks..i love your posts too..

@Katrina...:) Not sure if you are the actress or someone who likes her...:) Thanks a bunch :)In case you are the actress, you are very beautiful..:) can follow/subscribe to my blog...its a pleasure to get feedback

Ugich Konitari said...

Wonderful story, Irene. And congratulations on your selection for the Chicken Soup.

Lilangel said...

@Ugich Thanks a lot :)