Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Food and Dadda :)

I got back from my quick weekend trip back home. Its always so soothing to go back to your roots and come back refreshed for the months ahead.

I always remember my hometown as a sleepy little town whose people love eating :) My trip was to celebrate my dad's 60th birthday. I was always a daddy's girl and wanted to surprise him on his birthday.
Dad and Food are synonymous for me :) Well I remember my childhood days when Dad used come for the
Christmas holidays and it was one joyous food festival. I really get amazed to see how food plays a pivotal role in his life. My dad always enjoys his food and the best of chefs do not manage to score high on his list.
He keeps setting his bar pretty high. I just love the way, he is focused during lunches/dinners.

My dad is a very simple no nonsense man who stuns us with his funny and witty one liners which leave us cracking in peals of laughter...:) On a serious note, the one thing that I remember of him,which keeps me
grounded is related to food. When I was about 11 yrs old, he was having a conversation with his friend.
His friend was telling him that he can really do well for himself in his job. My dad replied very casually that
I can feed my family with rice,dal and alu chokha (its an Oriya delicacy) which is enough for us. Today
when I reflect back, it makes a lot of sense. Though we did not have a lavish upbringing, I am proud
of my dad's values and how we have inculcated it. Dad was into the rural development NGO but he
did not choose the path of dishonesty and malpractice.

Even today as I was sitting with him and saw him enjoying the buffet, I was smiling to myself that he knows to be content with what he has and the smile on his face was priceless. :)

Everyone have their  small joys of life and its food for my dadda. :) This one is for my Dadda...

 You smiled and picked up a morsel,
 You faced all adversities with a moral,
 You stood by your loved ones without any quarrel,
 You made us humans with high ideals,
  Life without you would have been an empty barrel.

My Dadda Strongest :)

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Alcina said...

So sweet..that really is a cute poem for your dad..
I love my baba too...
nice read!!