Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Today has been a pretty mixed up day with different things running on mind and taking priority. Life was so simple back when we were kids and did not have to worry about the difference between right vs wrong. 

Sometimes in the tryst of being on the right side, we end up doing things which we regret later. I wish people 
understood that they cannot get away stirring up a boiling pot of water and act as if it was grabbed from a 
refrigerator. I seriously wish that the person who is ready to give up things in life for a wrong purpose goes
on the right path for good. I do not know if my talking has helped but I sincerely hope that things work 
out for the good. 

I also wish that the person who has been getting on the wrong side of me understands and values the meaning 
of relationships. Everything cannot always be hanky panky. I wish such people feel sincerely for someone and that someone acts wishy washy with them.  I so wish that person sees the real me and regrets for hurting me in such a way. Sometimes lives greatest lessons are learnt the hard way. 

I so wish things just become clear instead of getting hazy when the sun is about to shine in life...!!


vineet said...

amen!! hope it turns true fr me

Lilangel said... sure it will turn true for u :)