Monday, February 7, 2011

What will you become when you grow up?

A question that's very often thrown upfront on kids..."what do you want to do when you grow up?". 

I had multiple answers to it, when the question was posed to me. I was labelled as the confused kid in the block. When I was a little girl, I wanted to become like my mommy who was a teacher. When I was about ten, I wanted to follow my Dad and become a speaker. dad was no speaker. He was into social and rural development. Well that's the impression that stuck to me when I saw him talking on the microphone in meetings...:) 

As soon as I hit my teens...I wanted to become something big in life. I was not able to decipher what big meant to me. I completed my graduation in science. During my grad years, I was inclined to Mendel's Laws of Genetics. I wanted to get into genetic engineering. In a place as small as my hometown, there was hardly anybody who could guide me towards my new found ambition. I completed my graduation and went on to 
do a course in programming. Nay...I was not at all a tech savvy person. I was possessed by the ghosts of independence. Thanks to my stars, I got into a job which was anything but programming. I got into the technical helpdesk for a famous company. I was doing ok not bad. I survived 2 and a half years without passing out in between. 

I jumped into another company and tried my hand at improving quality of the tasks assigned to me. 
I was lost in crunching data and analyzing the root cause of all failures. I was scared looking day and night at failed transactions..questioning myself...if I was on the road to become one. I jumped out again to a different boat which I had never sailed on. It was interesting at the start of the journey. But very soon, I got settled and thought that I would retire from here. It was about quality again but I was getting comfortable. Life has its own 
plans, I had to leave the company to join another one. I am still working there managing people,processes and clients. It has been quite a roller coaster ride through out with lots of learning and life changing experiences in the process. The million dollar question is that do I enjoy it.....I am still searching for the answers...

My answer to the question that was posed when I was a kid is still unanswered. Let me grow up to figure out what I want to do out of my life :) 


Anonymous said...

Brilliant Narration. The choices of what you want to become are sometimes like the proverbial chocolates in the box :) You never know what you will get.. perhaps it is best that way... Perhaps.. growing up can wait :) Stick the smile on forever!

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