Thursday, April 14, 2011

One Lazy Afternoon.

I wandered in the green meadows to breathe in some energy and life. My friends and me were enjoying the 
lovely fields running across here and there. Life was a cakewalk with few people around and tonnes of fresh 
air. I travelled from one village to another searching for the better pastures. 

Traversing through the boundaries that each state entails, I landed up in a place full of people. I could hear people honking at each other and running in a marathon of life. There were big things that took people from one place to another. I wanted to jump in but the entry was not easy. I looked at them bewildered and they smiled back at me. I thought they might have one for folks like us and waited at the stop. 

I wandered off into another field seeing the thing taking a shower. I looked around but found no one. I ran back to the stop in the sultry weather. I was all tired waiting for it. My friends joined back wanting to take a nap in this lazy afternoon. We found a spot in one corner of the place called the highway. They all looked enviously as we lazed around chatting sheepishly :)

Life is one lazy afternoon...we need to find our cozy corner and try to relax ,it does help :D

PS: This post is dedicated to the 3 cows who were sitting happily in the afternoon under one flyover in the highway blissfully unaware of the place and least bothered about the blaring horns. :) 


Alcina said...

Hahaha..a awesome write-up..

And so true..I wish to follow these lines > Life is one lazy afternoon...we need to find our cozy corner and try to relax ,it does help.


Lilangel said...

LOls..:) The sight of those cows was awesome..i dint have a camera to capture the sight. :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

LOL, Until the end I was wondering who would take to pastures than taking to the roads. Now I understand. Probably, I should be off finding my own little corner.
Nice read.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Vivek Chamoli said...

That was nice , one Lazy afternoon ..even Cows gets a bit lazy sometime.

I know that , since I grazed cow when I was kid in my native place.

Lilangel said...

Thanks BA...with the madness around,more than often we miss finding our little stops :)

Thanks Vivek..yeah they like to laze around :)