Saturday, May 14, 2011

Legally Blonde !

My opinion on lawyers having it easy is definitely open for change post the legal week that I endured with success.  Kudos to me :)

No, I wasn't fighting any cases nor was a prey to any legal hassles :). I was working my back side off to get some corporate contracts accomplished and it ain't a happy and clean job. The way words are spun around to ensure the parties involved have their grounds covered and derive the maximum benefit is pretty thought provoking. I am sure the contracts that involve beginnings are relatively saner than the ones who are parting ways. Coming back to my POV on folks employed in legal professions especially in the big bad corporate world, am sure it must be a pretty tough job. Well that doesn't discount the fact that other jobs including mine are any easy. Its like understanding the Chinese whisper and putting that into robust
documentation which will bail out everybody in times of despair. Everything resolves around the words that are written on the rock :) It was a good exposure for me to step into the other side of the world and I sincerely wish it was just a peek a boo for me and not more :)  The impacted party can invoke the termination for convenience clause if the resource utilization is more than 5 days :)

Legally Blonde sounds so much better as a great watch rather than anything else :)

PS: The opinions expressed in the post are devoid of any legal perspectives. If you want to sue me, do it in English not legal :)


Alcina said...

I won't like to sue a little angel trying to have some fun with words ;)

vineet said...

lil angel tasting hell...way to go baby

Lilangel said...

@Alcina....glad to know that my fun is out of your jurisdiction:)

Lilangel said...

@Vineet....hell hath no fury like an angelic scorn lols