Saturday, September 24, 2011

Goodbyes are not forever !

Standing up to a stoic silence,
She watches the love of her life,
Lying lifeless in the casket of flowers,
Travelling back in a time warp, 
She reminisces about the years gone by,
Their first glance of love, 
Stepping into a life together, 
They walked hand in hand,
Through the tribulations and triumphs of life,
Staying awake with their little tiny tots,
Laughing through the insane jokes, 
Being there for each other without a doubt, 
Sharing and Caring that lasted beyond the beat of a heart, 
Now she finds herself in a void that can never be fulfilled,
A loss that is irreplaceable and irreversible,
She holds back her tears,
To uphold the promise betrothed to her beloved,
She celebrates their love that will keep growing forever and more,
She kisses goodbye with a heavy bosom,
 With a longing that they will meet again near the heaven's door.


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Why don't these lovers realize that if the other person is allowed to cry, the burden of their departure might be slightly reduced and the journey from that point a little bit, only a little less heavy?
No wonder they'll meet again at the heavens shores.

Nice post.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Lilangel said...

Thats true BA...I wrote this while watching Sharmila life would change for her...She was so much controlled in her expressions..

SUB said...

they say partings are necessary for two souls before they meet again...i don't know...loss is never a good's the hope of meeting again that keeps us going....

beautifully written.


Angel said...

Oh so beautiful post but so sad , seems it cuts ! I like what Sub said --.loss is never a good's the hope of meeting again that keeps us going....Which so very true !

Lilangel said...

Thanks Sub..Touche..the hope of meeting again keeps us going...

Thanks Angel :)